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Dear Fee, I would never have thought that I could get to my professional and individual website so quickly and easily. It works, looks good and is easy to maintain. Many thanks for that! – WordPress website for the architect Florian Igl with prominent photo gallery and PHP/CSS generated stamp.

Fee immediately understood what we wanted with our web site and has been at our side for the last few years, both in the creation and later, always competent, friendly, fast, reliable and (fortunately) also always inexpensive in the best sense of the word. I am looking forward to the further cooperation.

Roland Stiegler

eco-so-lo.deLogo design and programming of the WordPress-based search engine eco-so-lo – the social search engine for ecological, fair and locally produced products and services.

After my original community software was no longer maintainable, I found an alternative in WordPress. Unfortunately, it quickly became complex and I could not extend and maintain it without professional support. Mrs. Dürr has been supporting me for years now in all technical matters concerning programming, updates and security of the community. Of course this puts you in a certain dependency, but the cooperation with Mrs. Dürr was always very fair and professional. I can recommend Mrs. Dürr as a business partner with great pleasure.

Rainer Lang
Screenshot von is a leisure portal for families, which collects family-friendly leisure tips such as cycling tours and hiking trails. With the Camigolo app (iOS and Android), for which I also developed the API, every user can directly save his tips with geolocation while on the road and have tips in his area displayed on the map.

art for africa

Website is not available … oh – what happened? Panic attacks … helper in need: Fee Dürr !! Super competent, with good ideas, fair and honest prices – and a very fine person to boot.
Dear Fee, I feel in good hands with my online art project! With good, lively and helpful ideas we have a wonderful site, whose message we carry – now also multilingual – into the world. Thank you for that, dear Fee !!!

Birgit Schryvers, artist –

Praxis Monika Schießler

I had a homepage that consisted of a modular system that I had put together myself… and it looked like this… I didn’t feel comfortable with this site and found great support in redesigning it with Fee.
I told her which appearance I wanted to transport and Fee did the same. Working with her gave me great pleasure, because she implements everything perfectly and brings in further ideas, which helped me a lot. She explained the further maintenance and creation of content so well that I can also manage very well on my own. Even when searching for a catchy domain name, Fee had the brilliant idea that I would never have come up with on my own. My homepage grows with my activity and so I will always be happy to fall back on her help and say THANK YOU for the wonderful cooperation.

Monika Schießler – Rückenwind für dein Leben und

Edition Dreieck im Mellinger Verlag

Webshop: a new project for us in which Mrs. Dürr actively supported us. Through her support we experienced a fast and competent implementation of the ideas for our webshop. She was very helpful and answered every question we had, so we quickly learned to work independently on the shop and to add products. Also later special wishes were implemented very well and incorporated into our shop so that everything now works smoothly.

J. Ch. Mellinger Verlag GmbH, Stuttgart

Film: Guten Morgen liebe Kinder

The cooperation with Fee Dürr has been working like clockwork for three years now! With expertise and commitment she has built us a very attractive and informative website. We are already looking forward to working together on the films two and three of our long-term multi-part series!

Maria Knilli, Tittel & Knilli Filmproduction GbR, Munich

Wollträume Heike Schwarzgruber

Thanks to the competence of Fee Dürr, I was able to switch from a self-made amateur web site to a professional web shop. The condition was that I could maintain my shop myself even without programming knowledge. An individually appealing layout according to my own ideas was added. The shop is very well established within only 1 year, not only because of well adjusted search criteria, but especially because of its appealing nature. I always get feedback from customers who regularly just enjoy clicking through to “stroll” around my shop. The link is passed on under customers with recommendation. Products and shop layout are in harmony with each other and reflect my work and my values. We have achieved this through a very good respectful and personal cooperation. Fee Dürr strengthens my technical strengths and supports me competently and promptly with my Internet weaknesses. One could not wish for a better professional cooperation and support, both humanely and professionally. Many thanks.

Heike Schwarzgruber, Wollträume, Gröbenzell

Frou Frou München

“You have the most beautiful website I have ever seen, so funny, so colourful, so typical for you and your shop. You really think you’re in the Frou Frou. … A website that fits you and your shop perfectly!”
What more could you want…! And in my blog, which thanks to Fee Dürr I can use in a totally uncomplicated way, I had more than 14,000 visitors in 2012 – So a website couldn’t be made any better, could it?!?

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Monika Stiegler, Frou Frou, Munich

Heilpraktikerin für Klassische Homöopathie

I get emails again and again how appealing, informative and simply beautiful my website is. It corresponds to how I am so good that new patients really get an impression of me! Thanks a lot!

Nelly Felenda, alternative practitioner for classical homeopathy, Weilheim