Wollträume Heike Schwarzgruber

Thanks to the competence of Fee Dürr, I was able to switch from a self-made amateur web site to a professional web shop. The condition was that I could maintain my shop myself even without programming knowledge. An individually appealing layout according to my own ideas was added. The shop is very well established within only 1 year, not only because of well adjusted search criteria, but especially because of its appealing nature. I always get feedback from customers who regularly just enjoy clicking through to “stroll” around my shop. The link is passed on under customers with recommendation. Products and shop layout are in harmony with each other and reflect my work and my values. We have achieved this through a very good respectful and personal cooperation. Fee Dürr strengthens my technical strengths and supports me competently and promptly with my Internet weaknesses. One could not wish for a better professional cooperation and support, both humanely and professionally. Many thanks.

Heike Schwarzgruber, Wollträume, Gröbenzell