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Corporate design with logo, flyer, stationery and website for instrumental lessons in Gröbenzell. The stationery is designed as a template for the Pages App on iPad for the customer to print out herself. The website is written manually with PHP, no CMS is used.

KlangRaum Gröbenzell

Véronique Chemin

Véronique Chemin – Psychothérapie & Coaching
(Website in French)

Pure HTML website with graphically designed header and footer. The rest of the layout, such as the picture frames, shadows and gradient element under the menu are set using CSS3. The structure is completely written in HTML5. The header uses Google Web Fonts.
Using a modern WYSIWYG editor like BlueGriffon the website can be edited by the customer herself.

Waldorfkindergarten Gröbenzell

I was very happy to create the website for the Waldorf Kindergarten Gröbenzell in voluntary teamwork. Members of the kindergarten media circle can update the website very easily from different computers using NVU KompoZer and upload files. Even today (2013) I still receive a lot of feedback how beautiful and representative the website is for the kindergarten.