Yearly Archives: 2013

Herzensräume – Project of the alternative practitioner for psychotherapy Silvia Engelhardt, Gräfelfing
for e.g. families with disabled children

Individualized Child Theme with graphic header design and layout elements matching the corporate design (postcards etc.)

Demeter-Imkerei Pixis
Demeter Beekeeping Pixis, München

Own WordPress theme with different background images (can be changed by the customer), transparent overlay.
At the same time I also designed new labels for the honey jars of the beekeeping.

Socialized Learning System

As part of the mindHub team I have been developing and supporting innovative concepts in the field of eLearning since 2011. In a synthesis of social networking, learning management and video training we offer a unique and forward-looking concept of socialized learning. Companies, institutes and trainers can run their own in-house web-based employee academy via mindHub GmbH. You can learn more about the communication and training platforms at

Naturheilpraxis Felkel
Practice for Traditional Chinese Medicine and Holistic Health –
Doris Felkel, Gröbenzell

A gentle layout, matching the simultaneously designed business card, voucher and leaflet. Including logo design and some graphic editing.