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Naturheilpraxis Felkel

Practice for Traditional Chinese Medicine and Holistic Health –
Doris Felkel, Gröbenzell

A gentle layout, matching the simultaneously designed business card, voucher and leaflet. Including logo design and some graphic editing.

Edition Dreieck im Mellinger Verlag

Webshop: a new project for us in which Mrs. Dürr actively supported us. Through her support we experienced a fast and competent implementation of the ideas for our webshop. She was very helpful and answered every question we had, so we quickly learned to work independently on the shop and to add products. Also later special wishes were implemented very well and incorporated into our shop so that everything now works smoothly.

J. Ch. Mellinger Verlag GmbH, Stuttgart

Life and Balance

Life & Balance – Ursula Weber, Weilheim in Obb.

In 2007 I created a search engine friendly and colorful redesign of their existing HTML website for Life & Balance.
In 2012 we renewed the entire website into a modern WordPress website as the first provider website of the Lebensblumen network.

Schachclub Gröbenzell

It is pleasing to see how easy it is for many different members to edit the contents of the website without much previous knowledge. This was especially important to us as a chess club, where new content has to be created constantly and the information has to be up to date.

Albert Kaunzinger, Youth leader chess club Gröbenzell

mindHub - Share Your Skills

mindHub – Share Your Skills, Tegernsee

mindHub GmbH started 2011 with a HTML/PHP website and switched to a WordPress website (CMS and blog) in the same year.

Film: Guten Morgen liebe Kinder

The cooperation with Fee Dürr has been working like clockwork for three years now! With expertise and commitment she has built us a very attractive and informative website. We are already looking forward to working together on the films two and three of our long-term multi-part series!

Maria Knilli, Tittel & Knilli Filmproduction GbR, Munich

SAL Service-Agentur Lang

SAL · Service-Agency Lang, Munich
Service from a single source

A multilingual WordPress website (CMS) with the languages German, English and Serbo-Croatian

Frou Frou München

“You have the most beautiful website I have ever seen, so funny, so colourful, so typical for you and your shop. You really think you’re in the Frou Frou. … A website that fits you and your shop perfectly!”
What more could you want…! And in my blog, which thanks to Fee Dürr I can use in a totally uncomplicated way, I had more than 14,000 visitors in 2012 – So a website couldn’t be made any better, could it?!?

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

Monika Stiegler, Frou Frou, Munich